I am Mario Albergati, the owner of the nursery "Azienda Agricola Piante Albergati" and a land surveyor.
I started this kind of activity in 1985 in a small land near Orvieto.
In 1989 I moved to Località Arcone where the nursery step by step got bigger and bigger and specialized in many sectors.

Nowadays it is a well developed nursery.
Leonardo, the son of the owner, is an interpreter and translator and for this reason we work a loto with foreign customers coming from all over the world. Since octobre 2008 Leonardo assumed the direction of the nursery.

Our nursery rises from Orvieto's seat and just walking along the roadmen, between bushes and trees, you will admire a beautiful landscape.

We have the deposit for Orvieto and all the province of Terni of the rooted cuttings (vines) coming from one of the primary Nursery of Italy and Europe for the cultivation of vines: Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo (this nursery sell vines all-over the world: United States, Argentina, South Africa...)

Vivaio - Loc. Arcone Orvieto Tel. 0763.344515 - Fax 0763.391303 - P.IVA 1407860558

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